Pros and Cons of migrating to Python web technology

Pros and Cons of migrating to Python web technology

Decided to migrate your current web application to another? Why not the Python platform? But before migrating to python take some time to know the pros and cons of Python web development. This article will play a major role in your decision, whether or not to migrate to the Python programming language. With knowing the Python pros and cons, we can build robust applications.

Is Python good for web development? If you're wondering about this, you'll check out samples of what has already been developed with it. This will bring some perspective to the subject before going into Python’s pros and cons.

Some of the top companies that can use python in their technology stacks like Google, Instagram, Disqus, and the recent app Spotify.

First, let us discuss the advantages of using python :

The main characteristics of a Python program are that it's easy to read, a Python programmer and blogger who runs the PyPL language index. Only less time is needed to code a Python program than to code in other languages." The readability of Python facilitates open source development.

Open-source with a vibrant community

You can easily download Python for free and write code in just minutes. Developing with Python is hassle-free. What’s more, the Python programmer’s community is one among the simplest within the world - it’s very large and active. Some of the simplest IT minds within the world are contributing to both the language itself and its support forums.

You can do more with less code

As already mentioned before, Python is easy to learn and also to develop fast. You can do more with less code, which suggests you'll build prototypes and test out ideas much quicker in Python than in other languages. This means that using Python not only saves tons of your time but also reduce your company’s costs.

Great for Visualizing Data

When it involves data representation through a website or app, Python comes as a super-efficient programing language option for web developers. It generates easy to understand reports and visual presentations of data.

Improved Productivity

Python is a very productive language. Due to the simplicity of Python, developers can specialise in solving the matter. They don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time understanding the syntax or behaviour of the programing language. You write less code and obtain more things done.

Dynamically Typed

Python doesn’t know the sort of variable until we run the code. It automatically assigns the info type during execution. The developer need not worry about declaring variables and data types.


What are the problems you will be facing by choosing this programming language?

Memory consumption

You should take into consideration that Python’s memory consumption is extremely high. For that reason, it may not be the best for memory-based tasks. It might be problematic when an enormous number of objects are active in RAM.

Speed Limitations:

Python being an interpreted programing language is slower than other programming languages.

Database Access

Programming in Python is easy and stress-free. But once we are interacting with the database, it lacks behind. Python’s database access layer is primitive and underdeveloped as compared to the favoured technologies like JDBC and ODBC.

Huge businesses require smooth interaction of tedious data legacy and Python is thus rarely utilized in enterprises.


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