ionic app development

Ionic App Development

One framework, Multiple Platforms

Ionic is an open- source Software Development Kit used for the purpose of developing hybrid mobile apps. In this mobile app framework, hybrid mobile apps can be developed using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS etc. Techno Kryon is an Ionic app development company that specializes in Cross platform app development. The Ionic mobile application developers at Techno Kryon has years of expertise in creating Ionic apps. We can build you the perfect Ionic mobile apps within the cost that is affordable to you.

When You Need Cross-platform App with Native Experience

Ionic is the best option for making basic native functionalities within an application to run across on various devices and operating systems. The primary advantage of using Ionic is the simplicity that comes with developing an app once, rather than multiple times for separate devices. In other hand the nature of this framework also makes development fast and cost-efficient and thus it reducing the need for high maintenance. Likewise, when you build your app utilizing ionic framework it decreases the requirement of code rewriting as it provides the codes of mobile-optimized HTML, JS, and CSS segments. Apart from this, ionic accommodates into Angular JS additionally and turns into a robust structure making code excellent as well as more manageable

Benefits of Ionic App Development

Supports multiple platforms

The Ionic framework gives you the privilege to easily convert your apps from one operating system to another. You can start with Android and spread across various platforms (iOS, Windows or other operating systems)

Native looking UI

If you are looking to build an App with a beautiful UI, then the Ionic framework is your perfect place to go. The framework offers lots of options to customize the app with attractive buttons, menus, color schemes, etc.

Active user community

The support you get from the large Ionic community is simply great. Whenever you need help, just drop in your queries, even the community founders will pitch in with their expertise.

Angular and Ionic

AngularJS is the dominant framework in creating both mobile & web applications. Ionic being built on AngularJS helps you to build Apps with ease. Developers can take boon of its data-binding and extension to HTML’s syntax features.

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