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Direct your customers to the specific landing page utilizing the best PPC service providers Chennai. Fast and short term method to increase traffic to your website. Paid way to index your website in the most prominent keywords people look for. Pay only for the clicks and not for the impressions, it is the no. of times the advertisement is displayed. Advertise your website in the popular big data platforms like Google, Bing etc and improve your ROI (Return on Investment).

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Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay Per Click) is worthy way to index your website and enhance your sales. In other words inorganic method of advertising the website for the keywords they want. Get ideas from our Pay Per Click experts take your business to next level of growth.

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads

Search Ads

Search ads are ads that are displayed in search network of all search engines like Google, Bing and so on. These ads are displayed either above or below the organic results shown in the search engine rank page. Indexing your website one among the most competitive keywords in organic way is toughest way. In those cases text ads would really be a boon to index your website in search engines when people surf for highly competitive keywords. This would really be a wonderful opportunity for new startups to display their website among organic listing.

Display Ads

Placing ads in display platform it is in websites who has activated adsense to display ads in their website and you tube channel, mobile apps and much more. A significant method to take your business to the concern group of people, for whom you have to target. It is a way of tempting the target audience to purchase your products or utilize your service. You can impress your audience of different trendy banners of various sizes. In addition you also can retarget the customers again by displaying the ad to them implementing the remarketing tool.

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Text Ads

These kinds of ads are text format of communication advertiser what to convey. These are shown in Google search page and partner websites that are labeled as ads to represent themselves as paid version.

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Image Ads

Also called as banner ads these are another way of image representation to advertise your business. These are showcased in between the website content or mobile app during interaction.

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Video Ads

These are video format ads in audience market place that may be in video platforms, websites or mobile apps. Video ads are classified as instream, outstream, skippable, non skippable and bumper ads.

PPC service providers Chennai

App Installs

Get a large number of app installs by advertising your Mobile app to the audience who are interested in using the apps what your business core covers. The more you advertise, the more you get app installs.

Pay per click advertising

Shopping Ads

Showcase your business products in all possible networks to engage your customers. Make it easy for the customers telecasting your products based on their online purchase behavior.

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Mail Ads

An alternative for Mail marketing! Best way to take your business to target audience’s mail inbox. Customers can either use the available template format or customize their ads in html format too.

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