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  • Techno Kryon creates interactive and customizable Dashboards using Power BI.
  • Power BI Dashboard helps to provides a structure in all types of data into a visually immersive and easy-to-understand format .
  • Visual Dashboard will help with data-driven decisions that benefit your business and analyze data from various sources.


  • We help in building professional apps with advanced functionality.
  • When an off -the- shelf solution isn't available we can develop Apps to provide a tailored solution to solve your business challenges.
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  • We are dynamic users of Power Automate to create workflows to automate your respective business process.
  • Power Automate enables you to automate repetitive tasks and paperless processes by triggering flows based on specific metrics.


  • Designing and creating custom workflows using Power Automate.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving any issues that arise.
  • Connecting and integrating data from various sources.
  • Automating and streamlining business processes using Power Automate Desktop.


Automation Support

We Are
Pioneers in Automation.

  • Errors can be expensive—sometimes costing businesses over $62.4 million—but using Automation greatly reduces the risk of human error in your processes.
  • Contact Techno Kryon for all automation. We will help you to feel the change
Automation Support

As a Provider of Automation Support, We Will Help You With..

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Troubleshooting and resolving any issues that arise with automation systems

Our team's skillset would include knowledge of various automation technologies and tools, programming languages, data integration, and process improvement methodologies. We would also have knowledge of industry-specific requirements and regulations.Depending on the scope of automation we can provide service, in different departments of the organization like IT, operations, HR, finance etc.