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Techno Kryon has a team of well experienced PHP professionals, who always looks forward and get updated to the new technologies to provide bug free web application for businesses of different perspectives under single roof. Being especially suitable for web application development and easily blended with HTML code, PHP is the main core used by vast no. of developers.

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PHP web development services

php development services


PHP web development services


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php web development company

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php website development company chennai


php website development company India




In spite of the fact that Laravel is moderately new PHP framework without a doubt it is the most famous PHP Framework out there these days among developers. It is easy to learn Laravel because each release and update is fully documented. To make rapid application development possible Laravel has many fascinating features. The Artisan command-line interface gives various supportive commands while developing the application. Laravel has pre-designed templates, which empowers common tasks such as authentication, caching, sessions, RESTful routing, and queuing easier for developers.


CodeIgniter is a simple but powerful PHP Framework and one of the oldest among the PHP Frameworks. Since it requires minimal user configuration, it can be easily installed. It works flawlessly on almost all shared and dedicated hosting platforms. It is well-known for its usability, performance and speed. As mentioned earlier unlike other frameworks, this PHP framework is ideal for shared hosting accounts and it is advisable for beginners in PHP development.

Zend Framework

Zend is a robust and stable PHP framework packed with a lot of configuration options such as user-friendly drag and drop editor, cryptographic coding tools, a connected Database Wizard, and instant online debugging tools. Not like other frameworks it has a massive following amongst the development community. The versatile framework is ideal for complex websites as it offers a bunch of setup options.

Yii 2

Yii 2 is absolutely relied on object-oriented, and it is based on the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding concept, so it provides you with a pretty clean and logical code base. Yii 2 has the strong feature which makes it faster compared to other frameworks.


CakePHP is a decade old PHP framework yet it is still among the most popular PHP frameworks. It is the great choice for beginners to advanced PHP developers. It massively focuses on rapid development and it is to be exploited for rapid application development. Form validation, SQL injection prevention, good documentation, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention are unbeatable features of CakePHP.


Slim is a light-weight micro framework for PHP that is typically used for developing Restful APIs and services. Since slim micro frameworks are minimalistic in design, they are excellent for smaller apps where a full-stack framework would be an exaggeration.

Why PHP development?

High Speed

PHP websites are processed in high speed as it has its own memory hence so the bidding time of the server is reduced automatically.

Easy to understand

As a unified scripting language PHP is a systematic one that is simpler to learn, easier to handle with and adaptable comparing other scripting languages.

Easy access to support

Being more flexible language PHP is much liked by many developers all over the globe as it paves to easy navigable website.


Being an open source frame work PHP can be used by developers for free of choice. Escapes us from purchasing license else other paid software.

Compatible with databases

With lot many features PHP is more advantageous and useful with extensions, abstract layer as it supports most of all databases.

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