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Development Center

Techno Kryon is one among the popular offshore development centers located at Chennai, India. Aside from the benefit of involvement executing a few ventures, we offer services at cheapest cost, along these lines making us a practical offshore company. We have demonstrated a history for overseeing complex undertakings and have additionally acquired insight in a wide assortment of innovations and shaped associations with thriving offshore providers.

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Offshore development services

Outsourcing and offshoring development from Chennai

Application Development

Offshoring it services from usa

Application Revamping

Offshoring of services team from india

Application Platform Switch over

Offshore outsourcing team in usa

Maintenance & 24x7 Support

Offshore business process team in usa

Application Testing

Outsourcing and offshoring development team from chennai

Custom Product Development

Offshoring it services team from India

Offshore Delivery Models

Offshore Outsourcing Work Models

We have set of work models based on the project’s estimated duration and they are

Offshoring of services in usa

Project Offshore Development

  • Outsourcing the entire project. Save the cost of updating your own resources on technical skills.
  • Fixed pricing based on the project requirement Task pre scheduled based on sprints.
Offshoring consultants in India

Partner Offshore Development

  • Partner companies can set up their own development center using our company's resources and get their project completed.
  • They can have control of the project flow and deliverables who work on their company’s projects.
Offshore software development in india

Self Management Center

  • In this case the partner company will be hiring the resources from our company along the team will be handled by Techno Kryon.
  • The partner company will just be assigning the task and reviewing the deliverables.
  • Partner ideas will be implemented wherever insisted by partner.

Advantages on setting dedicated Offshore team with us

  • Dedicate Team
  • Flexible working hours
  • Responsible Candidates
  • Well planned software and hardware architecture
  • Professional communication medium
  • Secured network connection