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In these days where the expense of procuring and keeping up developers are more expensive, Techno Kryon gives a superb solution to clients by helping them to offshore this activity. Our clients thus get extremely top notch remote developers to take care of their required assignment.

Our Staffing Arrangements Help Customers in Many Ways Like:

  • Leading 2 rounds of specialized meeting to recognize the best candidate for our customers.
  • Taking consideration all the statutory consistence required.
  • Killing the overhead costs like Infrastructure, Training and Fringe benefits .
  • Cutting down the overhead cost upto 70%.

Hire your choice from our talented pool of software developers in India

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India has potential land for highly talented software developers, our developers are proactive, innovative and passionate in thinking and executing on time delivery. They are accessible at a 70% lesser expense then in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Why don't you use our talent?

The appropriate response from the vast majority of the organizations around the globe is that they can't bear to put resources into operation for a small developer's team size of 10+ in India. This is the place Techno Kryon comes into picture.Techno Kryon empowers the organizations around the globe to construct capable developer's groups of any size in Chennai without any trouble, and make them work for the organizations with hassle free environment.

Discuss job description

We discuss with you in detail and understand the particular capacities that you are scanning for. This will help us with narrowing down and perceive the right developer to suit your essential.

Evaluate the candidates

We source developers and do two rounds of assessment and then forward the resume to you for further evaluation.

Hire and deploy

When the contracting choice is made, the remote developer joins the group and will be prepared to get conveyed in the task. Laptop and other Employee Benefits will be given by Techno Kryon.


You will pay a fixed cost to Techno Kryon for every developer you contract. This cost will rely on the technology and expertise level of the developer you hire. Techno Kryon will thus pay the developers on regular schedule.

Hire our best rated developers


These resources are full time developers who will be working for you under Techno Kryon Payroll. You can directly assign them tasks and get status report on daily basis and manage their development activities.You will get exceptionally skilled dedicated and full-time developers for your projects under Techno Kryon. You can directly assign tasks on daily basis and monitor the development activities. They will in-turn send you report on daily and request basis at any time.

70% Cost Savings

India has exceptionally capable developers. In any case, the expense of developers is 1/3rd of the cost when compared to other developed countrie.


Organizations don't need to pay for any framework cost, Employee workstations, Medical Insurance. They simply have to a fixed cost for every developer they employ.

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