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Angular JS Development

Angular JS is yet another web application development service that is of Javascript MVC framework. Being an open source platform it is solely a front-end development framework entirely meant for web application. This application paves way to develop and maintain perfect architectural and error free web and mobile applications. Angular JS is the most trending technology in demand in the current market scenario. Techno Kryon’s development crew on fond of getting updated to the latest technologies also have tasted this technology and had become well versed in coding it. The main and major feature in it is that it has more interactive web pages and minimum amount of server loads and interactions.

Angular Js Development Services

angularjs development company

Single Page Applications

Our team of super-skilled AngularJS developers tends to help you develop tranquil single page application in case of necessity. Now it’s time to join us and convert your website to the trending technology.

angularjs development services

Interactive Dashboards

Specially structured highly interactive dashboard to have control over your web or mobile application will be provided to clients. In other words the user can easily understand the usability of it without the guidance of the technical programmer.

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Social Networking Platforms

Show the online presence of your business on popular social Medias through Social media integration service. Now customers can find and confirm your official social media accounts easier by linking it to website.

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Two way data binding

This method helps to reduce the amount of hand coding that needs to be written in order to bring together the application. This easy data binding escapes you from handling the Document Object Model (DOM).

angularjs development services

Dependency Injection

This platform has a built-in dependency injection subsystem that helps developers to develop applications on Angular JS platform. It permits to ask for your assurance rather than looking for them. Gain control over core Angular Js by adding up a service as parameter.

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Directives being one among the important features of Angular JS, is most challenging part of it. Custom widgets on HTML tags can be customized using Angular JS. Manipulation of DOM attributes and additional elements are accomplished using this technology.


  • Two-way data binding

  • Eases tesing

  • Easy synchronization

  • Localization

  • Dependency Injection

  • Reusable HTML components

  • Power of MVC

  • Custom widgets

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