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How important is to choose the right platform for app development

Today there are lot companies, which wants to develop their mobile app to get the benefit of fast and effective cross-platform mobile app development. There are some criteria before choosing the right mobile platform for app development. To find the right kind of mobile platform, we should analyse the pros and cons of each one before moving on and creating the app. Here we explain how to choose the right mobile platform for developing your mobile app.

Selection of the Right Framework:

Hybrid apps are made with the help of several app development frameworks. These are comparable to each other, still, choosing the right platform is very important else you may not get the exact functionality that you want for your mobile apps.

Mobile App Platform Market Share

The first decision you need to make is to choose the platform for your upcoming app. Generally, developers selecting in between Android and iOS, as these are the most popular platforms currently.

As per the survey android has the largest share in market with 52.14%, Apple’s holds 40.82% not much least compared to andriod.

So, let’s focus on the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing the finest platform and technology for your mobile app.


With regards to browsing from a variety of mobile app development platforms it is also important to consider about socioeconomics.

Android application users are frequently those of a group of lower-income. Android devices are preferred because they are inexpensive.

Still, because a lot of Android app's are available for free, there is lower commitment to them. iPhones also are preferred by users who belong to a group of medium and high income.

These users are generally educated younger individuals who are open to spending rupees when it comes to buying digital products similar to mobile applications.

Development Costs

Costs that accompany distinctive mobile app development platforms fluctuate. For sample, when developing an application for Android, it requires developers to write 40 percent more in code, and this, in turn, costs of application possessors 30 percent. In some cases, still, the cost for designing the same application can be advanced for Android devices, due to a larger number of devices that will need to design for comparison with Apple.


Modern applicants are very demanding. They need apps that can be fluently customized to their particular requirements. To save rupees on app development many companies conclude cross-platform development. If you want to make a decision to create a hybrid app, you need to remember that its performance will not be something very similar on various mobile application platforms.

So while picking a platform make sure it guarantees good performance and has the following features:

  • Storage security on mobile devices.
  • Multiple testing functions.
  • Capability to identify networks.
  • Storing and organizing backup data attained from different sources (e.g. physical or virtual notes).
  • Present running processes.
  • Source code optimised for mobile apps/usage.
  • Optimized and effective protocols to exchange data.

Return on Investment

When it comes to generate in-app ROI, there are some several techniques to consider. Developers basically take different approaches for iOS and Android apps based on their target audiences.

iOS users are more likely to spend money on applications and tend to spend further than Android users when they do so. According to a market study by Techno Kryon, the average Android user spends three times lower on apps than the average iPhone user.

The App Store generates money Capability from app purchases. iPhone possessors tend to object to any and all in-app advertising. Android users frequently feel not to be bothered by it.

Based on these facts, we can suggest the following app monetization strategies:

iOS: Sell the app itself, implement premium in-app purchases or purchases removing advertisements.

Android: offer in-app purchases or purchases giving access to all application benefits.


In spite of how different Android and iOS are better than the other, none of these can be a definite winner. Based on your need of the specifications you want to create and target on your app’s unique requirements and the results offered by each platform.

An app that’s available on both platforms is accessible to further users. Hence, it has a way better option to success.

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