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Google has recently announced the October 2023 spam update, aimed at globally reducing the presence of spammy content in search results. This helps in enhancing the quality and relevance of search results by spam detection capabilities.

Google employs a dual approach which is automated spam-fighting algorithms and human reviews. This helps in identifying and penalizing websites that violate Google's policies, ultimately leading to a reduction in their page rank.

The update helps in notable improvement in the quality of search results.

What does Google consider Spam?

Hidden Text:

This involves the practice of concealing text on a webpage, making it visible only to search engines.

Automatically Generated/AI-Based Content:

Content generated by automated means or through the use of artificial intelligence, without significant value addition for users, is deemed spam. Google's aim is to ensure that the content users encounter is meaningful and genuinely informative.

Backlink Spamming:

Manipulating the number or quality of backlinks pointing to a website in order to improve its search engine ranking is considered a spammy practice.

Pages Laden with Distracting Ads:

A poor user experience is created when webpages are inundated with excessive, distracting advertisements. This disrupts the user's ability to access the desired content and reflects negatively on the overall quality of the site.

Low-Quality Affiliate Marketing Pages:

Pages that prioritize monetization and rely on affiliate marketing but have limited and thin content.

Furthermore, Google may categorize sites as spam if they engage in practices like cloaking, which involves presenting different content to search engines and users or employing sneaky redirects. Any attempts will deliberately reduce the ranking in search engine result pages.

How to avoid spam in the future?

The best approach to avoid spam is by producing high-quality, original content directly relevant to your target audience. Spammy tactics such as purchasing links or overloading content with keywords should be avoided. By adhering to these best practices, website owners can ensure their content remains valuable and genuine, in the digital space.

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