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Causes of Google Core Algorithm 2020

On Monday May 4, 2020 Google pushed another broad core update, which are only released three to four-fold per annum. They are huge global updates and may have a big impact for sites across categories and countries. Although the update might have taken about fortnight to completely roll out, you would have begun to ascertain impact within a couple of days.

Search results have been impacted three days after Google announced the May 4 2020 update. Google warned it may take a couple weeks to settle. This is why that might not be good. Most updates settle decently fast enrouting with minor changes. This update is unique.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that this update is big.

A partial list of what areas are affected

  • Local search businesses
  • Health related sites
  • Rolling out worldwide
  • Multiple languages simultaneously.,

For Example : travel, real estate, health, pets & animals, and people & society saw the biggest impact in rankings.

Other industries were also affected… but these are the least affected, such as “news.”

Update your content frequently

If the content is no any longer relevant to a reader, either delete the page and 301 redirect it to the foremost relevant URL on the location or update it to make it relevant.

Are there ways to make the content more actionable and useful? Such as, would adding infographics which leads step by step instructions, or videos to the article make it more useful? If so, add them.

Check to ascertain if there are any dead links and fix them. Dead links create a poor user experience.

If the article covers a selected problem people face, confirm you check out Quora first before updating the article. Look to see popular answers on Quora as it will give you a sense of what people are ideally looking for.

Updates for Rewards

Google doesn’t really reward sites not only for any particular quality. Google ranks websites for a way relevant they're to an enquiry query. Google also uses the link signal to work out the recognition of a site and what it's relevant for.Quality takes more than authority.

The user intent behind a search query seems to have played an important role in this update. Anyone who has tried to combine everything on one target page and thus does not have a clear focus, apparently sends such unclear signals to the algorithm that such pages have lost their rankings.” This also applies to product pages, which are supposed to answer the most important questions with little SEO text.

Who are the losers in this algorithm ?

Affiliate sites seem to be among the big losers of the May 2020 Core Update, as they do not have particularly high quality, or relevant content, and also lack a high-quality link profile identifying them as a strong brand. The last but not the least is that the age of a domain does not seem to play a role here, in the upcoming days.

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