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PHP Development

Our certified PHP professionals have adopted the best methodologies, and practices to put forward our web applications and solutions for different industry verticals under the same umbrella. Our services include PHP solutions to comply with the business objectives and organizational structure and workflow management of different enterprises.

Adopting the latest technological framework, and proven methodologies have helped us provide our clients with PHP solutions that are scalable, flexible, and collaborative. Techno Kryon helps customers fulfill their diversified business needs at affordable rates compared with any other service providers in the market.

PHP Development Services

Having specialized in the business of custom software for many years, Techno Kryon is the best when it comes to Software Development. Along with our experts who have adopted the agile methods to deliver solutions with high quality, Techno Kryon provides a wide range of services as listed below.

  • Custom PHP application development and scripting
  • PH, Flash/Flex, Python/Django, and Active Directory Integration Services.
  • Responsive web development with the PHP, HTML5, and JavaScript
  • Python and ASP.NET Integration Services, alongside migration of existing Perl application to PHP.licensed
  • Responsive web development using PHP Frameworks
  • Existing application porting and migration
  • Existing application support and maintenance, and QA testing services.

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Why Need PHP?

High Speed :

With PHP having its own memory, the workload, and the buffering time of the server is reduced automatically. This, in turn, brings down the development time and increases the processing speed. PHP's speed, coupled with modern design make it highly popular among the other scripting languages.

Easy TO Uderstand :

Being an integrated language, but not a compiled one, our scripting language, PHP is much easier to learn & adapt when compared to other languages. Reconfiguring the PHP code will be a piece of cake, and websites developed using PHP offers much better control, as a few short lines of codes does the same work as that of a lengthier one in other scripting languages.

Easy Access To Support :

PHP, as mentioned earlier, being an open source is widely used. Thus the community just gets bigger with growing time. Thus the information available is vast and reliable. Alongside our website, developers will strive to put forward a flexible, and easily navigable website for any business.

Cost-Efficiency :

PHP being an open source language that is cent percent free to use, enables you to stay away from purchasing a license or any other kinds of software. With PHP, the cost threshold for building the dream website just gets lower and lower.

Languages That We Offer

Our Languages

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

PHP Frameworks

  • Laravel
  • Coordinator

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