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PhoneGap Cross-Platform

Build Cross-platform apps with Phonegap. Build for one platform and deploy on all

PhoneGap’s open source platform enables developers to build mobile applications with HTML5 and JavaScript, and distribute them to different platforms that include Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, Android, iOS etc. The mobile applications developed from PhoneGap extends from web based to native, and are dubbed hybrid applications. For these applications to run on mobile app platforms like appMobi, Convertigo, Worklight, and ViziApps, the clients might require a developer to do PhoneGap development on the mobile device.

Why you should go for PhoneGap development?

Supportive Platforms and Cost Effective

PhoneGap supports several mobile platforms which enables developers to write code using HTML/JS and makes it easy to deploy on multiple mobile platforms. i.e; iOS, Android, Windows etc. PhoneGap applications are meant for people looking for fast, robust, and cross platform solutions in a cost efficient manner.

Popular Technology

PhoneGap is becoming the most popular technology among technologies are being used for cross platform mobile application development. In addition, Phonegap can be the best optimum technology to support those apps which do not require heavy usage of native features of an Operating System.

PhoneGap Mobile App Development Advantages

  • Single code base can be used to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and mobile web.
  • With a strong and robust backend, it demands very minimal developer's efforts
  • It offers a free open source platform and App development framework.
  • Each app can behave like native apps
  • Works amply with JavaScript toolkit that includes, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, and Dojox Mobile.
  • Compatible across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows and more.
  • Usage of various plugins
  • Possible to tape into the hardware of device such as camera, geo-location and various others

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