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Ionic App Development

Ionic Apps Development

Ionic is an open- source Software Development Kit used for the purpose of developing hybrid mobile apps. In this mobile app framework, hybrid mobile apps can be developed using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS etc. Techno Kryon is an Ionic app development company that specializes in Cross platform app development. The Ionic mobile application developers at Techno Kryon has years of expertise in creating Ionic apps. We can build you the perfect Ionic mobile apps within the cost that is affordable to you.

Technology stack for Ionic framework

Angular JS

This is a structural framework used for dynamic web apps. Data binding and dependency injection by Angular JS make it possible to eliminate a vast amount

Node JS

It is an open source platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. Quick and scalable network apps can be built using Node JS


It’s a mobile application development framework upon which native mobile applications are built using JavaScript, HTML etc.


SASS gives more flexibility and power and introduces mixins and customized variables to the core.

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Some Benefits of Ionic Framework

ionic app developers chennai

Browser capability is improved, and you have multi-device resolution

ionic mobile application developers chennai

Once it is developed, ionic app development enables deployment of applications everywhere

cross platform app developers chennai

The use of AngularJS which is embedded in ionic by default for building robust applications.

Why Choose Ionic Framework?

  • Supports multiple platforms - The Ionic framework gives you the privilege to easily convert your apps from one operating system to another. You can start with Android and spread across various platforms (iOS, Windows or other operating systems)
  • Free of cost - Yes, you are absolutely right. In the Ionic framework, the entire process involved in building a successful App is available to you free of cost.
  • Open Source - You might have the feeling, that open source frameworks are usually unstable. But that's not the case with the Ionic platform, we can assure you of its stability with our past experiences.
  • Native looking UI - If you are looking to build an App with a beautiful UI, then the Ionic framework is your perfect place to go. The framework offers lots of options to customize the app with attractive buttons, menus, color schemes, etc.
  • Angular and Ionic - AngularJS is one of the dominant frameworks in creating both mobile and web applications. Ionic being built on top of AngularJS helps you to build Apps with ease. Developers can take advantage of its data-binding and extension to HTML’s syntax features.
  • Cordova Plugins - Ionic uses Cordova Plugins which grants you access to features like Geolocation, Camera, Battery and so many others. Depending on the type of your App, you could end up using anyone of the plugin features.
  • Active user community - The support you get from the large Ionic community is simply great. Whenever you need help, just drop in your queries, even the community founders will pitch in with their expertise.

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